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Our meetings are held at The Free Methodist Church, 450 Lansdowne St E, from 7:00PM to 9:00PM.


Sep 10, 2019


City of Peterborough, Housing & Homelessness, Katie Hawley

Rent Smart. Rental Housing. Find It. Maintain It. Tenants want a safe, suitable & affordable home to rent. Landlords want tenants to pay their rent on time & take care of their property. Rent Smart offers education & support services to tenants and landlords with one goal: successful tenancies. We have Community Educators trained in our community of Peterborough – staff from many local agencies – as part of a collaborative initiative to end homelessness. One tool is the Rent Smart Model which is designed to build common understanding between tenants & landlords, leading to a conflict-free tenancy.

Oct 08, 2019


PLA Member Panel with Moderator

​A panel of members with a member moderator will answer a series of questions from both the attendees and the moderator. This format has been suggested by several members. Please come armed with your questions for our expert panel.

Nov 12, 2019


City of Peterborough, Secondary Suites, Brad Appleby

This will be Brad’s third presentation to our group. He will be coming back by popular demand to bring us up to date on the legalization of secondary suites in Peterborough. He will talk about the success of the program to date and what both the City and the Province are doing to move the program forward more quickly & more successfully.

Dec 10, 2019


Landlords Association of Durham, Chris Seepe

Chris Seepe has been the president of the Landlords Association of Durham for 7 years and is a noted authority on landlording in Ontario. Chris will talk about the benefits and the problems of being a small landlord in the residential housing market, how to make money in the longer term, what is required to select & keep good longer term tenants and the 10 key actions landlords should always take to maximize their earnings. He will also introduce his course on “Property Management & Investment” and talk about his book “Landlording in Ontario”.

Jan 14, 2020


Babcock & Robinson, Bob Babcock

Babcock & Robinson are a property management & paralegal company that have served the Peterborough for over 30 years. As an annual & repeat presenter Bob will speak on a wide range of topics that represent pertinent issues of the day. Bob is a noted authority on the Landlord & Tenant Board and the Residential Tenancies Act.

Feb 11, 2020


Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO), Tony Irwin President & CEO

Since 1985, FRPO has been the voice of Ontario’s rental housing industry and the leading advocate for quality rental housing. FRPO is the largest association in Ontario representing those who own, manage, build and finance, service and supply residential rental homes. FRPO has led the rental housing industry in Ontario for over 30 years, offering public advocacy, representation and promotion, industry research, standards and best practices, education and training along with marquee industry events & awards. FRPO are the experts on property management, rental housing regulation and residential tenancies law. For more detail go to the FRPO link under the resources tab on our website

Mar 10, 2020


True Assets, Todd Mollohan

Todd is a member in good standing of the Peterborough Landlords Association. He will be talking to us about how to expand your holdings, the art of raising capital, renovating for maximum value and pitfalls for members to watch for. Todd has had the practical experience to back up the principles he will discuss.

Apr 14, 2020


CANCELLED - City of Peterborough, Official Plan Update, Brad Appleby

Meeting Cancelled

Due to Covid-19

May 12, 2020


CANCELLED - Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), Marc Laurin

Meeting Cancelled

Due to Covid-19

Jun 09, 2020


CANCELLED - Year End Social Event, Bob Williams

Meeting Cancelled

Due to Covid-19

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